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Experience, Dedication and Confidentiality

I take immense pride in my appearance, health and wellbeing. Day to day life looks like a matcha latte, beach walk with a girlfriend followed by pilates or a session with my trainer at the gym, I enjoy healthy living and balance, during the week I may treat myself to some shopping, a long lunch with girlfriends (followed by cocktails or champagne of course) or just enjoying the beautiful beaches on the Gold Coast. I love where I live but equally enjoy visiting new places and have a love for travel. Skiing is one of my favourite winter activities so a trip to the snow is always on the cards. A foodie at heart you can always count on me to have the best restaurant recommendations.

My clientele is specially selected, in saying this please ensure to give as much detail when communicating with me to ensure your needs and mine will be met. I look forward to hearing from you and have lots of fun together.

A Waiter Serving a Drink
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